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The Scoring Tower

What is Scoring

“The Scoring Tower” is a computer program for windows that manages a night of circle track racing. It will automate the process of driver entry, line-up generation, payout, nightly reports, season champion points calculation (Excel interface). It will also perform live posting of line-ups and results to the Web, Twitter and Facebook.

Easy to Use

The only thing you need to know about a computer is how to click a mouse. The interface is so simple, just point and click, you can also “drag and drop” line-ups and drivers around as needed.

Cloud Backed

An internet connection if preferred but not required. If you have an internet connection you can run “The Scoring Tower” from anywhere, it is “cloud” based. Since it is “cloud based” you can access your data anytime, you don’t have to go back to the track and fire up the computer to get your results. Plus, being in the “Cloud”, your data is backed up automatically.

Track Proven

“The Scoring Tower” was designed by Ross Paulson, aka “The Computer Man”. I have been scoring races for nearly 20 years and have written custom management software that is used by, The World of Outlaws, The All-Star Circuit of champions, Knoxville raceway and many many others.

Offline Functionality

No internet at the track? No problem. Take a laptop, or copy your data to a USB drive. Once you have internet access, your data will automatically sync with

Pricing Details

The standard program is free of charge. It’s free because revenue is generated by advertising on “The Scoring Tower” website. You data (line-ups and results) will be uploaded to the website automatically. A premium add-free version will be available at a later date.
  • Basic
  • Free!
  • Driver entry and Management – Including hometown, payee information, transponder number, Pill draw entry (computer generated or manual entry). You can print driver rosters sorted by any field you want (Pill, car no, name, hometown, qualify time, transponder number etc.)
  • Heat generation by, Pill Draw, Quality Times (including group qualifying), Inversions. Unlimited number of heats.
  • Generation of mains (E,D,C,B,A). Either by heat finish, qualifying time or passing points. You specify the number of mains and the number of transfer cars.
  • Add individual races as needed (Dash, Pursuit, Crack the whip etc.)
  • Unlimited number of Divisions
  • Import\export results and driver lists to and from Westhold and AMB (My Laps) scoring systems.
  • Print outs of rosters, line-ups, and end of night results as needed.
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  • Custom
  • Inqiure
  • can create custom lineup methods for your track.
  • Please contact us for a customized quote.
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Online Results

Check your results online from anywhere. Our mobile friendly website makes viewing race results easy regardless of your device or location.

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